is an open movement

creating more fun & effective ways
of shaping our communities, together

through influencing decision makers
and self-organising.



are you waiting for someone else
to fix your problems?



18 Responses to “ ChangeTheFuture ”

  1. Hey Luke, great to meet. I’d love to learn about your project and see how we can work together.

  2. interested! what’s happening?

    • Hey Carmen!
      I’ll answer that ; )
      First: best way to reach us is or call me on 07851054199 if you prefer. Or turn up to an event (in person or via video call) join us on a Working Retreat or if you use Facebook, join us there (“ChangeTheFuture Workforce”) whichever option works best for you.

      What are we doing?
      Lots of things right now (and anyone can bring their own ideas to the table, for us to collaborate on)
      1. We are securing a physical space in central Brighton called DemocracySpace; a free to use space for everyone in the community to bring diverse contributions to democratic innovation, community voice & organisation action.
      2. Just built version 2 of the Wall Of Ideas; an interactive arts installation allowing people to propose actionable ideas to improve their community, build upon each other’s ideas, vote on them & pledge to help make them happen (whether lobbying a decision maker like the council, or self-organising)
      3. Developing a web platform that does this (and also implements ‘Liquid Democracy’ – Definitely Google that if you’re new to it!)
      4. I don’t want to overload you, hopefully that answers your question/sounds exciting? Get in touch if it does ; )

  3. i am interested is there more than just a whitty picture?

    • Hi Jamie!
      Check out my comment above to Carmen, it’s to you too ; )

    • Hi Jamie!
      Yes, there’s more than a witty picture.
      Currently ChangeTheFuture is working on itself as a higher priority than promoting to the wider world.
      This is why our outward facing marketing materials are far from what they could be, so be patient with us!

      Meanwhile, please join our in person meetings (or join by video call) or just phone me, email us.. bring your questions and intentions or interests and we can explore which projects we’re running/collaborating on which you might like to get stuck into (or we can help you start a ChangeTheFuture project, which means a project connected to our network, which follows our philosophy & practices of how we believe humans collaborate best).

      • s0unds interesting ,,,,, i 1ive in Bright0n ,,,, I paint pictures , c0mp0se perf0rm music ,,,, ye ,,, am in the arts,, ,,am n0t very p01itica1,,,,,, id 1ike t0 participate in 10ca1 meetings t0 start with ,,, and sure ,, kn0w m0re ab0ut this pr0ject,,,, the phi10s0phie and ideas,,,,
        i d0 think that change can c0me ab0ut if many participate,,,

  4. Robert Liddington

    How can I help?

  5. would love to get involved

  6. I would like to mobilise the Acroyoga community and be proactive within the yoga cvommunity to help make psotive empowering changes for our future. I can help raising awareness of campaigns, and events happening.

  7. charlie wiseman

    great to chat cha

  8. Hello,
    how can i get involve in your project or program. can you inform me?

  9. We like to be part of change the future. In our country Nigeria. Or if you already have in Nigeria we will also like to part of it.

  10. We like to be part of change the future. Because of it good work.

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