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ChangeTheFuture is an open experiment into building frameworks of democracy & self-organisation.

We’re building the world’s greatest

democratic web platform

for humans to co-operatively self-govern.


 to collaboratively re-imagine and re-design our schools, organisations, communities, countries and ultimately our planet together, one proposal at a time.

Crowd sourcing collective intelligence and focusing a deep understanding of the challenges that affect us into actionable proposals for a happier and more sustainable planet, ChangeTheFuture offers probably the first holistic change-making platform to offer a genuinely viable alternative to government (and all concentrations of authority in all decision making bodies), through a gradual transition from effective lobbying, to self-organising that no longer needs permission from authority as it establishes its own political legitimacy, rolling out community by community.
Let’s better understand our shared challenges
and become equally empowered to solve them together.
Geeks: ChangeTheFuture is an open movement (waiting for you to join and steer it) building a real democratic process (inspired by the many existing and emerging systems, and principles of sociocracy & liquid democracy) upon next generation distributed mesh networks; owned by no-one, belonging to everyone.

Welcome to the new interface of politics.

Join the Facebook group (while we upgrade this webpage + our recruitment process) and say hi.
Also you can call Luke Flegg 07851054199 any time.

 Don’t wait for us to build it.

Be part of the building of these tools, spaces, & methods
for empowered community change-making.

 people dont know their true power

This is a list of all ChangeTheFuture’s online resources.

Every page, group and web platform we use to run the project:


Instructions on How to get involved in ChangeTheFuture


One-page Business Plan

This is a draft version of our single page business plan made with Lean Canvas (LeanStack)


Facebook Page

For following updates


Facebook Group

For stepping up and getting involved. Shape this movement and make it your idea


Describing ChangeTheFuture in a few words & in a few lines


Task management (and marketing straplines)

Go here to look at all the jobs that need doing (and get stuck in! Take the initiative and drive this forward with us : )


CTF research document

We’ve put lots of time into this collating handy info about relevant funding, case studies, contacts, events, etc


Minutes & other resources

For Senior Core Team, whatever that means (access limited to trusted members)


ChangeTheFuture shared calendar

Ask in the Facebook group if you want *full* read/write access!





Luke Flegg’s blog about ChangeTheFuture


Luke writing freely as himself about the project from his perspective


Luke Flegg’s crowdfunding page

For donating money towards Luke’s rent (enabling him to spend less time on video work and more on CTF)


Talking about ChangeTheFuture

Luke Flegg in a Google Hangout with Loomio: