Other amazing projects to inspire you
(we’re in the process of exploring collaborations with most of them!)

click on them to see our attempts to reach out & collaborate.
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  • Represent.cc
    Open sourcing soon! Perhaps the most CTF-like web platform out there today.

  • DemocracyOS
    “DemocracyOS is an online space for deliberation and voting on political proposals.”

  • Your Priorities
    An eDemocracy project gaining massive traction in Iceland (crowsourcing thousands of residents proposals for “a better Reykjavik” of which HUNDREDS have already been successfully implemented by the mayor.

  • Loomio
    Came out of the Occupy Movement. See our chat with them here.

  • VocalEyes
    Getting massive traction in Wales, at least in schools/colleges, VocalEyes is the tip of the iceberg. See “LocalEyes” – the future vision.

  • Engage.re
    ChangeTheFuture’s own Sholi Loewenthal’s project “re-inventing the social web, so it becomes a vehicle for social change.”

  • Brigade
    “Democracy starts  When you take a stand.” – Sean Parker (Facebook, Spotify, Napster) + $10m is behind this behemoth e-democracy project staffed mainly by the Causes.com (& Votizen) crew. Shame it ain’t open source.. just another ‘solution’ happening ‘at’ us.

  • MakeSense
    Make your own group in your area supporting local entrepreneurs (face to face) to create change using this workshop formula – spreading like a good virus.

  • GoodForNothing
    ollaborating, for good. In person.

  • BePartOfIt
    “Addressing barriers to digital and offline accessibility”

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  1. Hi, You are missing a link on Your Priorities – I think the one you need is https://www.yrpri.org/
    I have a huge list of related “movements” but for starters have a look at http://www.postgrowthalliance.org/

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